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  • Little Swelling & Bruising

    Our meticulous advanced techniques help reduce swelling and bruising otherwise seen in facial procedures.


  • Specializing In The Face

    Specializing exclusively in facial surgery allows us to excel in this area. This focus helps us obtain the best possible results for our patients.


  • Minimal Recovery Time

    Our use of minimally invasive surgery combined with sedation anesthesia (no general anesthesia) allows for a faster recovery time.


  • Optimal Results

    Thorough planning and preparation combined with a meticulous and experienced surgeon helps us obtain the most optimal result tailored for each patient.


Montreal Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery

Welcome to the website of the Montreal Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery. The goal of this website is to introduce you to our centre and provide you with complete and accurate information about facial esthetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical.

Our centre was established by Dr. Mark Samaha several years ago and has since become a unique centre in Quebec specializing exclusively in facial procedures. We believe in excelling at procedures in one area rather than being simply good or adequate at everything. Our patients consider procedures performed on their faces too important to settle for "good enough". We agree.

While there have been many advances in surgical and non-surgical techniques in the last few years, we have gone one step further. Over the years, Dr. Samaha has developed surgical techniques and methods that deliver excellent surgical results while greatly minimizing the after-effects of surgery and "down time" or recovery. This is principally through the use of minimally-invasive techniques, avoidance of general anesthesia, and a system which optimizes post-operative recovery without pain.

To find out more detail, we invite you to explore the site and contact us for any questions or further details.

Fast Recovery

The use of minimally invasive surgical techniques combined with sedation "twilight" anesthesia allows us to greatly minimize recovery time, allowing patients to return to normal activities sooner.

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Less Swelling & Bruising

Our techniques have been finely tuned to reduce the swelling and bruising one may typically get from certain procedures.

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Optimal Results

In addition to thoroughly planning and preparing every procedure, Dr. Samaha's uses his extensive experience to obtain the most optimal result tailored to every patient's facial proportions.

Our Philosophy

Facial Specialist

We believe that it is impossible to excel at everything. Our specialization and focus exclusively in facial surgery allows us obtain the best possible results for our paitents.

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