Less Swelling and Bruising

Less BruisingMinimizing swelling and bruising following surgery shortens the recovery period, allowing patients to resume social and professional activities quickly. An equally important advantage is the psychological benefit to patients of looking their best following surgery, which not only helps them resume daily life and activities but restores their sense of well-being.

In addition to a shorter recovery period, the swelling and bruising are also greatly minimized by our use of several methods.

Firstly, the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, developed by Dr. Samaha following years of facial plastic surgery experience, help to greatly reduce swelling and bruising after surgery. Our patients usually experience swelling and bruising that reach a maximum 2 days following surgery and rapidly resolve in the following few days. In general, patients have no bruising at their follow-up visit one week following surgery. This allows them to return to daily life, including social and professional activities, in one week and frequently sooner.

The second factor that reduces swelling and bruising is the anesthesia with sedation technique used by Dr. Samaha in our centre. In addition to the benefits of a decreased risk, lesser nausea and vomiting and a much shorter recovery period, our sedation anesthesia is associated with significantly less swelling and bruising.

Finally, medications prescribed by Dr. Samaha for the recovery period also contribute to significantly less swelling and bruising.

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