Minimum Recovery Time

Dr. Samaha's homegrown philosophy of producing maximum results with minimal recovery time is applied to each and every step of the process, from the initial consultation and preparation to the anesthesia and surgery. Post-operative care is approached with the utmost attention to detail to ensure swift recuperation, minimal scarring and, most importantly, a fully satisfied, healthy patient who quickly returns to daily activities.

Dr. Samaha's tried and true methodologies can be felt within the clinic's welcoming atmosphere as his seasoned team cater to each patient's individual medical and personal needs. This attention to detail, tailored to each patient, has shown itself time and time again to be the key to a successful outcome and excellent result.

The aim is to provide the best possible care through the most advanced, least invasive surgical and anaesthesia techniques. Each step of the procedure is carefully customized, general anesthesia is avoided and the well-trained staff keep the seamless process as comfortable as possible for the patient. This ensures patients sense minimal pain, experience very little inconvenience and get back to daily life almost immediately.

This approach aims to maximize results and minimize recovery time because Dr. Samaha and his staff are keenly aware that patients want to look great, feel great and return to normal activities quickly.

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